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ADMi provides a full range of consulting services which can provide answers to your company or group's problems using the science of data mining. ADMi delivers solutions via decision support systems (DSS) which are based on the data mining results. The DSS is a powerful yet easy to use package that combines data, analysis results, predictive models, and supporting graphics.

Data Mining

People are awash in rivers of data, flowing from many sources. Without automation, leveraging all this information is beyond human abilities. ADMi provides data visualization and analysis software, and services that extract knowledge from large databases. We help people decipher the relationships between hundreds of variables. Our highly experienced staff has unsurpassed expertise in data mining, high-quality multi-dimensional computer graphics, and web-based data communications. We not only give you knowledge that is unobtainable by other means, we can also embed this knowledge in your processes to give you real-time understanding that adapts to a world that is constantly changing.

Data mining involves the following steps:
  • Data collection and merging
  • Data preparation
  • Correlation analysis
  • Predictive modeling and optimization

Decision Support Systems

Decision support systems (DSS) are computer-based systems used to help decision-makers solve problems. Commonly, a DSS is a software package built around a model, making the model the DSS's most important component because ostensibly, it can correctly predict, "What will happen if we do A instead of B?" Models are often developed at considerable expense; therefore, the packaging around a DSS is done to maximize its usefulness to the broadest possible community of users.

ADMi typically develops DSSs as Microsoft Excel™/Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programs. This allows the DSS to be prototyped, easily modified, and distributed in a familiar form. The DSSs are operated through a graphical user interface (GUI). Other common elements of the DSS are:

  • Databases - data that describes cause-effect relationships
  • Expert Knowledge - about the science and the issues to be addressed
  • Predictive Models - that reliably predict the consequences of alternative management options
  • Constrained Optimization - automatically finds numerically optimal solutions to satisfy objectives and constraints. This greatly reduces the number of model runs needed.
  • Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) - that make the DSS capabilities readily accessible through user controls and graphical output.


iVision™ is a unique, high performance environment for visualizing process data and predictive models, both offline and in real-time. You can discover multivariate relationships hidden in your data by visualizing high dimensional representations of multivariate static, time series, and real-time data in context with user-definable control limits and iQuest™ predictive models. iVision™ is the vehicle to develop and deploy supervisory control applications that combine process monitoring, notification, and "what ifs". Both developer and runtime deployment versions are available.


iQuest™ is a high performance data mining environment. iQuest™ combines traditional statistical tools with artificial neural networks (ANNs) for nonlinear, multivariate correlation analysis and modeling. It can handle both static and time series variables, and provides many data filtering and graphing functions for decision support. Predictive models developed with iQuest™ are easily deployed through a number of options, including iVision™. Both developer and runtime deployment versions are available.

i  delivers powerful solutions to problems of real-time monitoring, prediction, forecasting, outlier detection, and decision support.
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