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We live in an age of "big data" in which technology has made collecting vast amounts of data possible, but its conversion into actionable information is severely lacking. ADMi is a small company headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina that provides data mining and visualization software products and consulting services.

Data mining is the science of extracting valuable information from massive databases by means such as signal processing, machine learning, and data visualization. The solutions provided by ADMi include predicting the future (forecasting), predicting the consequences of alternative courses of action and choosing the best one (optimization), and discriminating between different behaviors (pattern classification). These solutions are often delivered to end users as decision support systems (DSS) which are powerful yet easy to use. Areas of ADMi's expertise include:

Natural Systems

Modeling surface water systems and estuaries
Groundwater-surface water interaction
Climate change impacts
Water resource management and regulation

Water Utilities

Treatment process optimization
Disinfection by-products
Distribution system security / event detection
Water demand forecasting

Oil & Gas

Predicting reserves
Injector water treatment optimization


Improving yields and quality
Predicting impending failures
i  delivers powerful solutions to problems of real-time monitoring, prediction, forecasting, outlier detection, and decision support.
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