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ADMi Lauded in Orange County Water District (OCWD) Newsletter

ADMi recently completed a proof-of-concept study to provide OCWD with a better understanding of the factors controlling the productivity of the first-stage of the Groundwater Replenishment System (GWRS) reverse osmosis (RO) system. Seventy-six months of data from multiple sources of varying frequencies was merged and analyzed using techniques including signal processing, correlation analysis and artificial neural networks. A poster highlighting the study findings will be presented at the 30th Annual WateReuse Symposium in Seattle September 13th-16th. A follow-up study is also being evaluated that would look at developing a predictive model of the entire RO system. OCWD recognized the project in the July issue of their newsletter "Hydrospectives OCWD Water News".

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Environmental Resource Agencies, Public Utilities, Petroleum and Manufacturing that collect data on: Surface Water, Groundwater, Drinking Water, Wastewater, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing. We help our clients improve their methods, optimize their systems and become more accurate in forecasting the effects of their operations on the environment. By knowing what to expect, ADMi’s clients save time, money, and improve quality. 
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At ADMi, we can take your Data and convert it into �strong>Predictive Models� This is a leap-forward in the evolution of Data-mining. We help you predict outcomes and failures before they occur, thus improving process quality and saving you time and money.

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Data mining extracts critical facts and information hidden in complex databases that would otherwise be unknown. ADMi is especially expert at working with hundreds of variables and time series that describe constantly changing processes.
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InnoVision Awards.
ADMi (Advanced Data Mining Intl) has won two InnoVision Awards for setting new standards in innovation and technical advances. For businesses, utilities and organizations interested in making a leap forward in process improvement, environmental performance, and/or cost-savings, ADMi has the technical expertise to help.
i  delivers powerful solutions to problems of real-time monitoring, prediction, forecasting, outlier detection, and decision support.
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